Artist Allison Schreiner

James Gaffy, Journalist

Allison Schreiner is an artist at Sartell High School.  She is a junior who draws her inspiration from how she is feeling, she says her “Art is a lot of emotion. I have drawn my entire life and every piece of art has a story to it.”

In The Deep End
“In the Deep End”

How long have you been into art? How did you get into it?

“I have always been into art.  It’s the biggest part of my life. It’s all I’ve ever done; it’s really important to me. Ever since I was a kid, I was drawing and painting, and since then I have grown and expanded into new types of art forms, and gotten a lot better. I always keep trying to make every piece I do better than the last.”

"My Pets"
Allison Schreiner
“My Pets”

What is your favorite thing to draw/paint and why?

“My favorite thing to draw or paint is mermaids. I love drawing the human form, but with a tail. I love drawing the human form becase it’s beautiful, and they can never look alike. Every piece is different from the next, and I love it. Mermaids just have a beauty to them and mermaids have no fear of depths, but a fear of shallow living.”


What is your favorite piece that you’ve done so far, and why?

“My favorite piece I have done is the mermaid with the golden tail. “Beauty of the Unknown,” is my best piece in my opinion. The hair looks so beautiful, and she looks so mysterious. She has a beauty to her that I don’t find in other pieces. It’s also very special to me because it’s the first ever colored pencil drawing I have done. It was not scary to use pencil.”

"Beauty of the Unknown"
Allison Schreiner
“Beauty of the Unknown”

Thanks Allison for sending in your works for everyone to see!