Nathan Sykes and his “Unfinished Business”

The newly solo artist, Nathan Sykes, came out with his debut album "Unfinished Business" on November 11. This album is filling with fantastic music that compliment his rich vocal sound.

December 1, 2016

The album “Unfinished Business” contains 16 songs that range from $0.99 to $1.24 per song. The entire CD costs $12.99 and was released in stores on November 11th and then on Itunes on November 4th. So far there have been 111 ratings and the album has been given four and a half star rating altogether, according to theItuness website.

Below is a list of the 16 song titles (* means they are followed by a brief review):

  1. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait*
  2. Kiss Me Quick*
  3. Money
  4. Freedom
  5. Twist
  6. I Can’t Be Mad
  7. There’s Only One of You
  8. Famous*
  9. Give It Up*
  10. More Than You’ll Ever Know
  11. Over and Over Again*
  12. I’ll Remember You
  13. Tears in The Rain
  14. Over and Over Again (feat. Ariana Grande)
  15. Taken
  16. Burn Me Down


  1. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

This song begins with background voices that mimic a choral sound. Nathan begins to sings and has such a fierce sound by adding a growl to a few of his words. This gives the song such a powerful emotion to it, and his voice really commands you to listen to him. Nathan is fantastic at adding immense emotion to the words he sings, and it really shows in this song. He also is incredibly skilled with vocal riffs and uses them often throughout the whole album. If he didn’t add these little stylistic elements, then the song definitely wouldn’t be as enjoyable. “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” is a great beginning to the album.

  1. Kiss Me Quick

Every girl can swoon over this incredibly upbeat and jazzy song. Who wouldn’t fall in love with his beautiful riffs, vibrato, and rich low notes that will make anyone melt?  This song demonstrates Nathan’s wide vocal range and how fluidly his able to transition from high notes to low notes. His voice resembles the artist Usher so much in this song. The instruments accompanying his voice give it an old time, jazzy, Frank Sinatra feel to it that is all complimented by his clean cut suit and tie in the music video. “Kiss Me Quick” is a great example of what gives this album such a diverse sound of different genres of music.

  1. Famous

What is great about this song is it’s deeper message that is tied to the title “Famous.” The lyrics state “Will you call me when I’m famous?” which is referring to a love story between Nathan and the girl he is singing the song to. He is asking her if he was more famous, would she date him. The song is performed beautifully with backup harmonies that compliment Nathan’s strong melody. It seems that in every one of his songs, he likes to show off his vocal skills with riffs and vibratos; and this song is no exception. “Famous” is a very catchy tune and the music video extremely well produced with a great storyline.

  1. Give It Up

This song strongly resembles the popular love songs that have become prominent in this day and age. The word “baby” is used often, and he is singing about how he doesn’t want his girlfriend to leave and that she should stay with him. G-Eazy is featured also, and he adds the typical rap section to this pop song. Regardless of its mature material and suggestive lyrics, the song is very well performed and is a great song. “Give It Up” is not as unique as Nathan’s other songs since it’s very similar to popular love songs these days, but it is still a beautifully powerful song.

  1. Over and Over Again

This song definitely pulls on the heartstrings because  of its heartwarming story about two young love birds who build a life together. Nathan’s singing is phenomenal, and he makes it hard to not fall in love with him in this song. The music video follows the developing relationship between Nathan and the love of his life. This is done all while the old version of his girlfriend is “painting” a picture of their love story. This video may make tears fall because the older woman is shown sobbing over the loss of her husband, who is Nathan, at the time when she is painting the story onto a canvas.

Nathan Sykes is a newly solo artist who will someday take the music industry by storm because of his insane talent. Feel free to check out Nathan’s new album and fall in love with him and his beautiful music.

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