The people have voted to “Make America Great Again”

November 9, 2016

Photo via Flickr under the creative commons license

Photo via Flickr under the creative commons license

Photo via Flickr under the creative commons license

Election night in America was an evening of great divide as Americans cast their votes and eagerly awaited the results of the biggest and most controversial political race in years.

Early projections described Clinton as holding the lead over her Republican opponent Donald Trump, but as the results came in, it was clear that America was opting for change.

Trump’s victory can be largely credited to his wins in Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, all of which Romney lost in 2012 to Barack Obama.  The collective 77 electoral votes from those states were what tipped Trump over the edge of victory.

Ohio has successfully chosen the winning candidate in the last 13, and now 14, elections.

According to the NY Times, Trump took the stage at the Hilton just prior to the early hour of 3 a.m. to inform his supporters that Hillary Clinton had called to concede the election. During his victory speech, he commended his opponent, saying, “We owe her a major debt of gratitude for her debt to our country.”

Clinton is expected to deliver her concession speech early Wednesday morning.

Numbers are not yet final, but Trump currently sits at 279 electoral votes, already 9 over the needed 270 for the presidency.

The Republican party has also taken the majority in both the Senate and House of Representatives.

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