Humans of Sartell-Week 19


Ellie Lehto

Highlighting the students of Sartell
and the great things they have to say.

“If I could be any age for a week I would want to be 5 because school isn’t hard and I could play and take naps.”


If I had a superpower it would be super speed for sports and to get places faster.”


“Aliens might be real, but ghosts aren’t. “




” I would want to be 22 because I could do anything I would want”



“Traveling outside the U.S. is on my bucket list, maybe Ireland.”



“I want to go to Italy with Emma Zenzen.”


“If the universe is infinite then aliens are real.”



“If I had a super power I would want to see into the future.”



My blood type is B + or be positive.”



“I like both cats and dog but I would say I am more of a dog person.”



“I would want to go back to the 1920s because they had flappers and everything was glamorous.”


“I want to perform in front of a huge group of people.”



” If I had the chance, I wouldn’t want to see into the future because I think it would change how I acted and affect my future in a bad way.”


untitled-4” I am most passionate about my faith.”



“I would want to be 8 because I was smart enough to know what I was doing but young enough to have no responsibilities.”




” I’d want to go back in time to see the Salem Witch trials.”



” I want to be married in space because I want to be the first person to do something.”


“I’m probably most passionate about dance.”



“If I could be any age I would want to be like 6 months old so I could just lay around all day.”




I am more of a dog person because they are cuter.”