Humans of Sartell


Ellie Lehto and Emma Zenzen






“To be on broadway and world peace are my dreams.”





“That’s who I am.”









“My favorite word is euphoria. I like words that start with E.”






“Feelings on social media: Good in moderation.”






“I’m looking forward to college because I am excited to get away from Sartell.”




“My aspirations: I want to be happy as cliche as that sounds.”




“The way I think is unique.”






“Next quarter I am a TA for a good teacher.”





“I like [Social Media] but people revolve their life around it.”








“I’ll be lucky because I’m speeding and then I’ll see a cop.”img_2293





“I want to do special ed or be a teacher because I love kids.”









“My least favorite part about school is waking up.”







“It’s awkward. It’s funny. I love it.”







“My weakness is making decisions. My strength is pushing through.”




“Not knowing where I’m going around campus.”






“My least favorite word is moist. I hate it.”


“I was going 47 in a 35 in St. Cloud.”






“Looking nice makes me happier.”








“I’m unique because I wear jean joggers I got from TJ Maxx for $5.”img_2298








“Pink out for the swim team!!!”







“I’m not that interesting.”img_2292




“On my bucket list is rub a bald guy’s head.”