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The Evolution of Music: “Video Killed the Radio Star”

Music is one of the most universal forms of expression, especially in that of younger people. It is the thread that ties together gargantuan groups of people with similar views, beliefs, moral conflicts, passions, and experiences.

Throughout history, music has been a consistent trend in uniting people for common purposes. Used as war chants in Mayan cultures, music has evolved to being a basic prevailing building block of everyday life.A Lady Playing the Tanpuraca We now use music for anything including distraction from monotonous tasks to background noise to blockbuster movies. Music truly has become one of many essential components to cultural distinction.

Pre-historically, music was very flute oriented, based off of the discoveries of several archaeologists. In ancient Egypt, the god Thoth is accredited with the “invention of music.” In later Asian cultures, music was used in association with dance and celebration. Finally evolving into the renaissance, baroque, classical and romantic eras of what is now considered the more prevalent overall “classical era.”

Once the idea of lyrical ballads was introduced, the playing field of possible beat and lyric combinations expanded tenfold.

The journey belonging to this article starts in 1900; jazz is being born in New Orleans along with a ragtime vibe coming into the light. Later, jazz is pushed aside for the introduction of Dixieland. With the invention of the electric guitar and the impending vinyl record music is about to take a turn in the most monumental of ways.

The Roaring ’20s
Depression Era
The Rise of Swing and “Sinatramania” (the 1940’s)
The Nifty Fifties
❀The Era of the Flower Children❀
An era all for music, man.

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