The Silmans!

The Offspring

This week we are highlighting a peculiar set of siblings, the Silmans! Abby and Chris are their names, and they are very interesting to say the least. Even though a lot of Abby’s humor is sarcasm, she is very genuine and so is her little brother, (even though he’s a couple inches taller than her, and two years younger) he’s still her little brother. Enough of the jokes now though, let’s dive into who these people really are.

About Abby:

Abby is currently a senior and the way she talks about her brother is great. She has got a great sense of humor, and you can tell when she talks about the height disparity between them. When asked about her favorite childhood memory with her brother she says, “We used to go laundry basket surfing down our stairs, and we’d tie a jump rope to the top and to the end of laundry basket so it was ‘safe’.” I was a little scared when she told me that, but they don’t have any gashes, so I think they’re fine. The way she lights up a little bit when she’s talking about her brother is truly great, like how when their parents are out of tow0-cus-d3-d9a2ca73cff9b41e9465259fec784bcbn they will sometimes get Chinese food, and will watch a horrible horror movie on Netflix. “She’s nice and funny, and we like being around each other and I think that’s great” is what Chris had to say when I asked him about Abby, truly inspiring.


About Chris:

“He’s not a little brat, that’s my favorite thing about him.” Just a few of the kind words that Abby had for Chris. Anyways, Chris is currently a 10th grader and his high school experience hasn’t been that bad so far. He’s said that having an older sister who has already gone through the things he will potentially go through has made it so he won’t be going into situations blind and that’s really helpful. I asked him about what things he and his sister do together and he said, “Well, we used to do karate together, and I really enjoyed that, but we don’t do that anymore.” Chris also said, “We once took a trip together to Minneapolis to visit our aunts and that was really fun as well.” I laughed a little bit when I found out that at home Chris and Abby talk in Spanish so that their parents don’t understand them. I think anyone who has a sibling has developed some kind of way to talk to their sibling without the parents knowing, and it was quite interesting to hear this about Chris and Abby.


I’ve been friends with Abby for a while now, and I had just met Chris within the last year or so, and honestly they’re very funny people. It’s scary how much they are alike, and I realize that now more than ever. Abby is a good human being so don’t be afraid to say hi or something to her, and Chris? Well do that at your own risk… get to know them a little bit, you won’t regret it.